Engagement Portrait Sample Galleries - aliciastates

Yay! You're getting married!

Congratulations, that's wonderful! Of all the kinds of portraits available out there, couples are so.much.fun to photograph! I like to get my couples really close, and you will undoubtedly giggle or gaze deep into each others eyes... either way, it's the moment of vulnerability and honesty that I'm waiting to capture! I like to have fun and let you play around! We'll try to find a location and activities that have meaning to you guys, so you're extra comfortable. I don't mind helping out with posing (put your hands here,  tilt your head a little, turn your body slightly...) but for the most part I just capture what I see... and what I see is usually magic.

Couple sessions start at $250. Contact me to customize your experience.

Here are a few sample galleries of engagement portraits. 

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