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I'm Alicia! 

I grew up on the island of Kaua'i and I have loved taking pictures of people since I was a fifth grader at Kapa'a Elementary! My first camera was a cheap-o disposable camera! I loved those things!  

I started to fall in love with photography when I was 14 years old. My dad had a (film!) Canon Digital Rebel. I dabbled with it throughout high school and through a few semesters of college at BYU-Hawaii (Go Seasiders!), but I really started taking it seriously after I was married in 2005 in Bountiful, Utah. We had a negative experience with our wedding photographer which lit a candle under me to take my own photography to the next level!

My husband bought me my first camera (Canon Digital Rebel) in 2006 to support my love of portrait photography, (he's great) just in time for the birth of our first son. I had an in-home studio for a few years and then we moved to Kaua'i for a year, where we had our second son. While on Kaua'i I discovered how much I LOVE natural light portraits and decided to sell my studio equipment. I've never regretted it.

Utah beckoned us back with its low cost of living, job opportunities, wide open spaces and changing seasons! We LOVE summers in Utah but just around mid autumn we start gearing up for the holidays and the COLD weather! Each winter we wonder why in the world we live in such a cold place... but then spring comes around and we forget how awful the winter was. It's a cruel cycle, really.  

Since we moved back to Utah in 2008, I've upgraded my camera to a Canon 5D Mark III We've also upgraded our family with three more boys for a grand total of five boys!

I love being a mom, and I'm not just saying that! I get endless cuddles and kisses! Being a mom also fulfills something within me when I serve my children. I'll tell you what though, this parenting stuff is not for the weak! From messes to discipline to wrestling matches to teaching moments to answering the most off-the-wall questions you've ever heard, to more messes and sleepless nights to following through and having your every move watched and memorized... sheesh. I'm not gonna lie, it's hard. I love it, but it's hard.

My photography style is artistic and natural. I try to capture expressions we tend to over-look in our day to day interactions. I prefer early morning light or the light of the setting sun. The way the low sun highlights my subject is breath-taking. The rich orange of a setting sun gives an image a surreal, magical quality that makes my heart skip a beat! Posing a family is not my strength so if I tell you to get in tight and bug each other I'm not only looking for the natural interaction of your family , I'm also being exceptionally lazy. :)

I am super laid back and half the time I'm reassuring the moms that the kids are just fine no matter if they're uncooperative, and refusing to smile. I have yet to find a child that I couldn't get a beautiful image of, even if she won't smile for the camera!

I offer portrait services of all kinds, but my absolute favorite is getting timeless images of children. Children change so quickly which is why we try to get portraits of them each year! I don't want to capture a forced smile in a few moments... I want to capture his or her personality! I If he's all about jumping and climbing and yelling... let's do t! I'm not scared. If she's a poser and a diva, bring it on! If she's shy and won't smile, that's OK too, I won't make her! She's gorgeous just the way she is. Truly. Children are my favorite favorite favorite and one day when I'm a famous photographer I will only do portraits of children. 

I love me a Double Double from In and Out Burgers. 

Sometimes I stay up way too late playing SWOTR with my hubby (google it, you'll laugh).

I like to get my nails shellacked.

I live for Girls Nights.

I am LDS (mormon).

My parents and siblings still live on Kaua'i, so if you go visit let me know and we'll hook you up!

I eat sunflower seeds whole. (Go ahead and gag, its ok)

I dream of traveling all over the world.

I make yummy miso soup (and it's not an insta mix!)

All my boys have Hawaiian middle names.

My husband and I loooooove Thai food! 95% of our date nights end up at our favorite Thai restaurant. We ALWAYS agree on that.

So there. Now you know me just a little bit better! 

Have an exceptional day!
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